• ​Feeding a high quality food is of UTMOST importance to the health of your dog. Check out the 5 star food list on to find the best food available in your area. We feed 'Victor Hi Pro Puppy' available at many stores, and also at Many 4 to 5 star foods are quite expensive. If you are watching your budget, you could also consider '4Health' Premium dry food from Tractor Supply, rated 4.5 stars. The 'Victor', and '4Health' are both about $1.00 per pound. Always stay aware of any recalls, by continuing to check online for updates on the food that you choose. 



  • Puppy play yard can be quite helpful. We recommend only leaving pup in the crate for an hour or two, but with the puppy play yard, they can have access to water, and a place to potty and can be ok for a longer time.


  • Get several towels to wash and change out for their crate and use for the first few months, so they can't 'un-stuff' them!





  • NEVER give internal flea treatments, as they can cross the blood/brain barrier. We research every medication that we consider, and avoid all meds that have seizures as a side effect, just to be safe!