Our Puppy Cottage
Inside our Puppy Cottage
Previous pups playing in Cottage yard
puppy love

We've raised our puppies in a nice room with climate control through all the years, but in 2017, we built our 'Puppy Cottage' for them. Charles put an awesome 'mini-split' system in for us to keep our babies comfortable, and it's closer to the house and even more convenient! Our puppies are truly raised in a clean home environment, and with all the love and socialization we can give. They learn trust from day one, and enjoy being petted, held and loved on.

At 6 weeks, I start bringing each one in our home, away from the other pups, and give concentrated attention to their puppy skills- house, crate, and leash training. We have them take naps in a crate with towels and chew toys.

Our goal is to help every puppy be able to acclimate to their new home as seamlessly as possible, and take their place as a new little best friend!