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The Lee family moved to Banks County from the metro Atlanta area in 2004.  Our sons were 5, 7, and 8 and we couldn't wait to add a doggie to our family! The first picture above was our first Katie, and she stole our hearts. We love living in the peace and beauty of the country, and love that our sons grew up with lots of God's fresh air, and good old fashioned farm chores. Our grandchildren have also loved visiting and playing outside with all of the animals.


When we decided to become Australian Shepherd breeders, our simple goal began to be the breeder we would look for! We give our doggies an amazing life with lots of love, freedom to play and be doggies, and yet they are all happy and well trained. We strive to produce puppies that are as close to perfect, ideal, healthy Aussies as possible- thereby bettering the breed, and provide puppies to homes that would benefit from the addition of one of these intelligent, playful, loyal dogs. 


Our hope is that every Great Oaks Aussie we place will be a loved pet and family member, first and foremost. Thanks for taking the time to visit our website, and we hope to have shared some smiles with you and your family!

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