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Lincoln and Pepper pups will be our next babies- due about the end of Dec. 23



All of our parents are Conformation Champions, which means they are ideal examples of the breed standard, with amazing structure and have all their health clearances in place. They are our loved pets and loving members of our family. Our puppies are born and raised in clean home setting, and started on early puppy skills of beginning house training, beginning leash training, and beginning crate training.


Great Oaks Pups go for $2500 with $200 deposit/reservation, with limited AKC registration (not for breeding) to loving, approved home. Love to work on training and help them to go started on lots of awesome puppy skills. Fill in a questionnaire with the link above if you're interested in considering a future GreatOaks puppy. We have quite a few deposits for merles already in hand, so you'd have a much better chance for a black tri puppy. Feel free to reach out with text, email or phone calls.

We have so much fun holding, playing with, and working with each puppy several times every day. They are born in our home and raised in a clean home environment. Socialization begins at birth, and is continual and consistent. By about a month old, personalities begin to develop with slight differences. Every puppy is given loving attention and interaction with people of all ages. As we are preparing them for their future homes, we are continuing to teach trust, communication skills, house training, leash and crate training, and more. 

​After we place the puppies, I love hearing how well they are doing in their forever homes, and I'm available for a lifetime of advice, encouragement, or just to brainstorm with you about ways to better communicate and bond with your Great Oaks Aussie!​
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