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Our Policies

  • Each Great Oaks puppy is hand raised with love and socialization, in a clean home environment. They receive one-on-one handling targeted at stimulating their neurological sensors and enhancing intelligence, as well as building trust.​

  • ​Every litter is planned with careful attention to creating ideal puppies that are true to breed standards of health and conformation, while preserving the loving, intelligent nature that Australian Shepherds are noted for.

  • We are selective about approving homes for our puppies. Please fill out our questionnaire and return it to us. We would also welcome any questions from you. 

  • ​All of our puppies can be registered with AKC and UKC. Many litters are eligible to be registered with AKC, UKC, and ASCA.

  • Puppies are wormed regularly. Shots are started at 6 weeks, and vaccine schedule is sent home for the new owner in the puppy packet. For years, we used and recommend 'INTERCEPTOR PLUS' for heart worm treatment, and FRONTLINE PLUS for flea and tick treatment. NEVER give internal Flea treatment!! Always research and make sure the fine print does NOT list seizures as a side effect on any drug. All Herding dogs have drug sensitivities and should have limited exposure to any and all chemicals that can cross the blood/brain barrier. I really also like REVOLUTION for DOGS, which is TOPICAL and also has the Heartworm treatment included. It had supply chain issues during covid, but I believe it's back!

  • ​Our puppies are carefully checked by us and our licensed Veterinarian to make sure they are healthy in every way. we offer a written health guarantee on every Great Oaks Aussie. 

  • A Puppy Packet goes home with each puppy that has pedigree, registration papers, basic training information, shot and worming schedule, feeding instructions and more. 

  • We ship puppies in the continental US at buyer's expense, and prefer Delta Air Cargo. The costs for shipping are an additional $500.00, which covers the flight and extra expenses involved. With puppies being flown out, I need the full payment 2 weeks prior to the shipping date. It's also an option for me to meet you at the ATL airport to fly the puppy back at your feet in the cabin with you. Of course we can discuss this or other options.

  • We need full payment at puppy pick up- please, no personal checks for that final payment. Prefer cashier's check, cash, or Postal money order. Zelle, Paypal and Venmo are also acceptable.

  • Every puppy will also be started on leash training, and we include a free little collar and leash with the puppy packet.

  • Puppies are to be neutered between 6 and 12 months.

  • Overweight dogs are prone to joint, ligament and bone problems, as well as internal organ dysfunction, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Feeding approx. 2 to 3 cups per day is a lifetime rule of thumb to go with, and please keep your dog a good athletic size, and not overweight.

  • We always welcome our Great Oaks Aussies back, should unforeseen circumstances arise. ​

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