We are proud to be Australian Shepherd Breeders, and raise quality purebred, standard sized Aussies, registered with AKCASCA, and UKC, and IABCA.


Our family farm is located in NE Georgia about an hour from Atlanta. All of our Australian Shepherds are safely fenced on several acres surrounding our home, run free and enjoy the lives of loved pets. Their days are spent following us around in and out of our home. Our Aussies are all happy, loved members of the family, and each one holds a special place in our hearts.


It's amazing to know their individual personalities and enjoy that Australian Shepherd intelligence in each one! Pictured below are our breeding dogs, current and future. We only breed after they are 2 years old and after all health clearances, and evaluations are complete. Puppies are placed very carefully in loving, approved homes with limited registration (not for breeding). Our pups are $2000, and our deposit/reservation fee is $200. We welcome visits to meet our pack and see what we value in this awesome breed. Call, text, or email and set up an appointment.

We love and train our Aussies!


Int'l CH Star's Honest Abe CGC

OFA prelim. Good         Eyes Certified

MDR-1 N/M           ASCA DNA- CP

62 lbs.          Height 21"         6 yrs. old



Int'l CH Star's Liberty Belle

OFA Prelim. Good.             Eyes Certified

MDR-1 N/N-    42 lbs.   19"      6 yrs. old



Int'l CH Great Oaks Southern Magnolia CGC

OFA Prelim. Good.            Eyes Certified

MDR-1 N/M.    50 lbs.   21"     3 yrs. old

Great Oaks Happily Ever After


Great Oaks Happily Ever After

OFA Hip Test Pending.   

MDR-1- N/N        40 lbs.      1 yr. old



Int'l CH Great Oaks Dauntless Diesel CGC

OFA Prelim. Good.         Eyes Certified

MDR-1 N/N         65 lbs.

Height 22"         3 yrs. old



Nat'l CH Great Oaks Wandering Star

OFA Prelim. Good.           Eyes Certified

MDR-1 N/N.    52 lbs.-    21"      4 yrs. old

Crossroad's Alita has my Heart


Crossroad's Alita Has My Heart

OFA hip Test Pending

MDR-1-N/N.      40 lbs.        1.5  yrs. old 



Great Oaks Sweet Pepper

Health Test Pending         MDR-1- N/N

4 mo. old 

We train and show our Aussies, and they have earned their Conformation Champion titles in UKC, or International Champion titles in IABCA. All of our Aussies have regular Veterinary checkups and health clearances. All of the breeding dogs have hips x-rays submitted to OFA, their eyes certified by our Canine Ophthalmologist, have verified DNA, and are  MDR-1 tested. They are only bred after careful consideration in regards to temperament, physical characteristics, and pedigree history. Our breeding goals are to provide puppies to approved homes that are ideal, healthy, and well socialized with children and other animals. Puppies are handled several times daily and we begin individual training on early puppy skills.


Australian Shepherds, as a breed,  are known for their wonderful personality and being very people oriented. Their high intelligence and strong desire to please make them easy to train, and a very loyal companion. They are so smart, active, and need to have lots of love, attention, and outlets for their energy. We feel they are the perfect dog for our family, but you will want to study up on them to make sure an Australian Shepherd is the dog for you. If you are interested in a Great Oaks Aussie, fill in a Questionnaire. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Charles and our pack

Great Oaks Aussies

Corinne Lee

936 Damascus Rd. 

Homer, GA 30547