​​​​​​​​​​​​​Great Oaks Aussies​​

"Bailey, or as she likes to be called, Ms. Bailey, is the joy of our lives after our grand-kids. After the passing of our 14 yr. old German Shepherd, we began looking of companion dog that would be extremely social, well behaved, and enjoy being with children. After much reading and various kennel visits, we settled on an Australian Shepherd. My wife and I visited a large number of kennels in GA, and I was most impressed with Corinne Lee at Great Oaks. The environment that the dogs live in is exceptional. I had trained German Shepherds in Schutzhund (police dog training) and utility obedience levels, and had a firm understanding of guard dog/obedience training. However, Ms. Bailey was not trained like a German Shepherd. Within 2 days of bringing her home, she was trained to let us know when she wanted to go outside (we hung a bell on the door for her to ring.) I had never seen a dog that was so ready to please and easy to train. Shortly thereafter, my wife and I signed her up for basic and Intermediate training classes. The Pet's Mart trainer would teach a new trick/obedience skill to her in about 30 seconds and then work with the rest of the other dogs for the remainder of the class time. Also, have I said yet how beautiful she is? Anytime that we take Ms. Bailey to a store, she draws a huge crowd. One time my wife and I stopped as Bass Pro Shot, and all of the ladies in the store brought dog treats and gathered around her to see and pet her. My daughter in law and grandkids had never been really been around any dogs and were a little hesitant, but by the time the visit was over, they were all in love and gave big hugs and kisses when we left. In closing, Ms. Bailey is a key part of the family and we take her wherever we go, and she still continues to draw a crowd." 


Winnie is the best dog! She is beautiful and elegant while also being playful and silly. She is so sweet and loving and just wants to be in the middle of everything- She is never happier than when we are all home together! She has been easy to train and is so smart. we can't take her anywhere with our getting constantly stopped by people telling us how beautiful she is, and she's great with all the attention! We just love her to pieces.

"Thought you’d enjoy seeing pictures of Mackay and Sydney.  Mackay is our canine athlete; he loves agility and I’m competing with him at AKC events.  He is a GREAT dog and loves to work/play. I have an entire agility park set up in our field for practice; and we travel in a new RV to events 2-3 weekends each month.
 Sydney is our “princess”;  loves to watch mostly.  A very sweet girl to all her human admirers. Loves doing tricks like “hoop jump” – I hold a hulahoop over my head while kneeing down and she jumps thru hoop/over me.  Fun.
 We love, love our dogs. And people always compliment them on their good looks and manners  (we are continuously teaching good discipline)."

"Watson is very smart and is always watching and learning. He has got to be the friendliest dog I have every seen. He loves, and I mean LOVES people, and they love him. I have brought him in to work a few times and people always ask when he will visit the next time. He is so funny.... he gets upset when people do not pet him or acknowledge him and he cries. I feel sorry for him because he has not learned that everyone does not want to pet him or are busy doing the things. He acts the same way with other dogs and sometimes his friendly bark is very loud. I think Watson is more human than dog. I can take him anywhere. He rides in the car with me, runs errands and anything else I want to do. We go out and walk about three hours a day and play the rest of the day. Work is getting in the way now... haha! The other day we were doing a slow run and I noticed that when he jumps, he glides through the air.... he id definitely has agility in his future and so much more! It's unbelievable how well he is put together. I receive many comments on his conformation, temperament and way he presents himself. I can not thank you enough for helping me pick him. He has truly made my life much better!"

"​​​Charlie just could not be more perfect. He amazes me every day. Charles finished getting all of his shots and he's started coming out to the barn with me. He does so well, he figured out quickly to be respectful of the horses feet. He's made friends with the other dogs out there, and they just have the best time. He came up to the mountains with me just this past weekend, to my parent's farm, and did so well. We went hiking and worked on the farm, and he just stayed right with me the whole time. He knows stay, sit, and down so well, and I never have to worry about him. Charlie meets new people and encounters new situations all the time, and he handles each one with more grace and intelligence! It's just amazing. When we go for walks around the neighborhood, he literally stops traffic. People always come over to tell me how beautiful he is, and to comment on how politely he walks on the leash. He never pulls! Everybody who knows him just calls him a bundle of happiness, and be brings joy to our lives every day."