​​​​​​​​​​​​​Great Oaks Aussies​​

​​Audrey has been my best friend and Shadow since she was a tiny little girl. She's such a sweetheart, and has found her way into a dear friend's heart now, and has retired from our breeding program to live in Griffin, GA. Her son, Silver has her loving soul and I'm so proud to add Silver as a new Great Oaks sire!

Dinah came to us a year later, and is the full sister to Audrey. She has such a happy, dear personality is a daily joy as a best friend to my grandsons in Jefferson, GA.

Fancy was born right into my hands, from Freida and Cotton- and has brought us untold joy through her life here. Every day we were continually amazed at her great nature and intelligence. Now she is enriching the lives of a wonderful family in Canton who also have one of her amazing sons! We are carrying on Fancy and her mom Freida, with Fancy's daughter Willow.  :)

Our Retired Girls

Allie came to us from Broadway Aussies, and instantly bonded with our Jacob. She has been such a joy and her offspring carry on that perpetual happy, love of life kind of personality! She's a dear girl, and is loving her new 'retirement life' with friends in Hampton, GA. 

Katiewas our very first Australian Shepherd, and captured our hearts. We were so impressed with the intelligence and abilities of this breed, and she epitomized all of things we desired in a best friend, 'family member' kind of dog.

​Julia has left her impression around here for sure. She's so happy with her family in Michigan. Her puppies have carried on her huge heart and amazing ability. Our Penny, Willow and Mariah are all Julia's granddaughters, and are still carrying on her line of amazing dogs!

Freida is being loved by her family in Dawsonville, GA. She is such a gentle, intelligent girl and has brought absolutely amazing puppies into the world. We are happy to carry on Freida's line with her daughters and now Granddaughters! 

.... beloved Foundations of Great Oaks Aussies

One of the greatest gifts we could offer is the company of one of our amazing retired Aussies! We have loved them completely, trained them well, and poured our hearts into them. They epitomize the heart of Great Oaks Aussies, 'To love and be loved, read the heart and mind of their people, and be an amazing best friend.'​ I can't say enough about how loved and valued these girls are, and how much joy they've added to our lives!! They have produced beautiful, awesome Great Oaks dogs that are in 30 states now, and in Canada- sharing that Aussie love with their families. Not a week goes by but what I am hearing praise of their 'kids' by their people who love them.​​​